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Vladivostok to Fushiki Japan

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

Finally the Ferry had set sail for Japan and we actually made it onto the boat.. two hobo riders actually got let out of Russia.. wow we are impressed.. haha.. we thought it was some sort of trick to keep us there.. In all honesty Russia has been one of the highlights and we will surely miss it. The dramas of getting a bike with 5 punctures to the port was enough fun but all up it made it and we are glad for that. On the other hand its great to be back on the road or in this case the sea again and moving ever closer to our final destination. (more…)


Sunday, November 1st, 2009
Snow at the Rail Station - Vladivostok

Snow at the Rail Station - Vladivostok

After a relaxing night in the Hotel we woke early with the intention of getting our package from DHL which included our Carnets (bike passports/permits required for entering Japan).. at the same time we would need to organise our ferry tickets for that night.. It was all going to be a HUGE rush but it was possible given that the Ferry was scheduled to leave at 10pm that night. First stop was breakfast then we went to the port to organise tickets.. The office said that it opened at 10am.. we waited there ringing the door bell until at least 10:30 before anyone was able to assist us.. Heather got the information first and ran down to me while I was trying to get a mobile top up card.. “helllllpppppp no ferrrryyyyyyyyy”.. Ferry Cancelled..  (more…)