hoboworld is yet another site dedicated to the adventures, thrills and spills of long distance motorcycle touring.

Starting in late 2006 a plan was hatched to ride from London to Sydney via India and Pakistan. The original route was to travel through Europe, Skandinavia, Russia Kazakstan, Kyrgyzstan, China into Pakistan and follow over to India. Unfortunately with the turmoil in Pakistan and the bombings in Kashgar prior to the 2008 Beijing Olympics the route has changed into a new route set to leave late May 2009 heading London, Europe through the Balkans to the Black Sea coast with a loop around Turkey then ferry to Sochi in Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Mongolia, Russia to Japan then onwards to Australia.

other inspirational sites.

Sibersky Extreme – Extreme Russian Motorcycle Adventures

Mondo Enduro – Adventure Motorcycle Pioneers

An amazing Story of adventure from Mongolia to Europe on a Horse

Filmed using : cheap miniDV tapes bought from PCX.


  1. Comment by Julese5:

    It sounds like quite an adventure so far. I think you have ample material here for a book. Hope you are well and both Andy and I are glowing green we are so envious. Fantastic! Stay in touch. Jules

  2. Comment by leandro.morgado:

    Hey Guys, are you back in oz now? Can you shoot me an email whenever you get a internet connection?


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