For our Journey we will have two bikes so that we can both ride separately. This should ensure that we both get more enjoyment out of the trip. It also provides us with some fall back if one of the bikes breaks we can go and get help. The two bikes we will be using are

BMW F650GS Dakar

The F650GS is one of the overland bikes of choice today. Being a single cylinder engine with a good size capacity it offers the rider great simplicity with a good mix of power and torque. The F650GS is also very fuel efficient often averaging around 4 litres per 100km without any effort.The F650GS is capable of handling rough off road tracks while at the same time being comfortable this is a characteristic that makes it perfect for Heather.

BMW R1200GS Adventure

The R1200GS is another common bike on the overland routes. Its comfort on the open road is well respected. Its got a mild mix of off road ability with a great street presence. Originally purchased so that we could both travel on the same bike (larger bike more comfortable). Now that Heather has her own F650GS (so she can enjoy the trip more) its now down to being a solo effort which it should handle with ease. With 33 litres of fuel in the standard take we should be able to get a very long way between filling up.

R1200GS Adventure and F650GS Dakar in France

R1200GS Adventure and F650GS Dakar in France 2008


Both Bikes have the following modifications.

  • Autocom communications unit
  • Crash Bars.
  • Engine Protection.
  • Heated Grips.

The F650GS also has

  • Scorpion Exhaust (No catalytic converter so we can use Leaded and Unleaded Fuel).
  • Touratech Rallye foot pegs.
  • Touratech Zega Aluminium Panniers.
  • Scotoiler automatic chain lubricator.

The R1200GS also has

  • Garmin Zumo 550 GPS.
  • BMW Adventure Panniers.
  • Stainless steel headers.

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